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Where the Old Becomes Revitalized

I suppose this title is a tad bit of a misnomer when you hear what I have to say, but I love the idea it presents. Personally, this title seems to stick as several have referred to me as an old soul. In practice, that looks like sticking to old therapeutic techniques rich in tradition while pushing for the latest research to integrate. For all of us, it's an homage to the fact that what we face in the past never truly stays dormant. Each time our brains remember something, it is incorporated into our present moment and returns to where it came.

Sound like a lot is going on? Not so much when you learn to appreciate the beauty of it.

That is the very art and science of therapy-that we have control over how the past affects us.

My desire in using this blog is for each of you to get to know me while providing help to readers and potential clients. This blog will center on issues relating to trauma, spirituality, and may include a few random topics as inspiration comes along. I welcome the feedback and comments on all posts.

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