“Don’t judge a man by where he is, because you don’t know how far he has come.” - C.S. Lewis 

Therapy serves as the channel through which one identifies the impact of an incident, while seeking to recognize the meaning they aim to take away as the work unfolds. My experience with disaster relief has geared me towards recognizing one’s capacity to adjust to life amidst disruptions. I specialize in PTSD, dissociation, men’s issues, and grief, amongst other conditions.

My primary approach is psychodynamic psychotherapy, an insight-oriented psychology. Psychodynamic psychotherapy seeks to understand the unconscious motivators and conflicts that have been established based on our previous relationships and happenings. Often times our minds come to adjust to life through certain defenses and these are held to keep us safe for a time. Nevertheless, these defenses can come at odds or cease to help us as best as they could. Through a dedication to curiosity, therapist and client meet to understand the client more fully.  An article further describing psychodynamic psychotherapy can be found here.​

Secondly, I use Internal Family Systems (IFS), an evidence-based practice commonly used to treat trauma. In IFS literature, an individual is composed of parts that initiate control dependent on the circumstance (exiles, managers, and firefighters). The aim of this therapy is to lead the client to harmony in accepting their true Self as they find acceptance in the motivations of these parts.

Lastly, I work from an attachment framework in which the early relationship with caregivers, or lack thereof in some cases, has prolonged effects on one's ability to relate and cope with life's stressors. Utilizing the therapeutic relationship, the aim is to offer the client a corrective experience by attuning to their attachment needs and responding appropriately. For more information, please click here.


My Approach

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